Monday 6 May 2013


More grand work from MiddleEnglander

It looks like 8 by-election and 1 deferred election during the rest of May:

4 by-elections on 9th May
2 on 16th May plus the only deferred election this year
1 on 23rd May and
1 on 30th May.

3 of the by-elections are in District Councils where the previous elections were in 2011
1 in a District Council with annual elections
2 are in Metropolitan Boroughs
1 in a Unitary where the previous elections were in 2011
1 in a London Borough where the previous election was in 2010
The deferred election is in Somerset CC, Coker where the Lib Dems are defending a small pre-boundary change majority over the Conservatives.

Conservatives are defending in 3 of the by-elections, 1 following a death, 1 resignation under a cloud and 1 disqualification following a jail sentence.
Labour are defending 4 seats, 2 arising from deaths and 2 resignations
Greens are not defending a seat following the resignation of their sitting councillor.

Labour are contesting all 8 by-elections, Conservative 7 (not Bolsover), Lib Dems 6 (not Bolsover & Lichfield)
UKIP are contesting 4, Independents 3 along with BNP, Greens and TUSAC 2 each and Residents 1, a total of 35 candidates.
Somerset, Coker has 5 candidates, Con, Lab, LD, Green and UKIP

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