Thursday 23 May 2013

LATEST YOUGOV POLL- 22nd May - CON 29%, LAB 39%, LD 11%, UKIP 16%

Headline shows UKIP still clearly beating the Lib Dems and Labour ten points clear of the Conservatives.

But if you add left and right it then gets closer 50% left and 45% right.

So would a Tory / UKIP coalition be a much stronger one than Tory / Lib Dem which we have now?

Yet again the legitimacy of this poll comes into question when Labours strongest numbers comes from 18-24 with 50% of the responders from this age group. Yet by YOUGOV's own admission there is not enough people polled for it to be correct.

It is votes that count and UKIP ran at 24% in Mays elections and around 20% with Opinium and Survation. Not as pro Labour as You Gov seem to be.

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