Sunday 12 May 2013

YOUGOV POLL CON 30%, LAB 39%, LD 9%, UKIP 16%


Has Ed Miliband nailed his colours to the wrong mast at the wrong time? It seems Labour can do no wrong, and everyone is of the impression Labour will win the next election if not outright but easily with the highest number of seats. But there is cracks and as much as Labour supporters may paper over them they could split this election wide open.

Europe, which in itself could split the Conservatives apart, as 100 back benchers are likely to vote against the Queens speech as they want a in/out referendum to be written in stone so no matter who wins the next election it has to happen. Much like Labours commitment to giving away 0.7% of our total income in foreign aid. If it is good enough for that why not good enough for the British people to decide their own future?

Now Labour historically have not been losing many voters according to the polls to UKIP. it normally shows 4% or 5% ex labour voter now voting UKIP that is at its highest in this poll at 8% and likely to go up as I proved in this article PROOF THAT LABOUR IS LOSING VOTERS TO UKIP Now they may not be losing them directly but they are losing the voters who voted Labour 2005 then went Tory 2009 and when they would have turned back to Labour 2013 they went UKIP.

Labour also seem to lose out the older the voter gets 25-39 - 45% 40-59 - 42% then at 60+ years a big 10% drop to 32% actually putting them behind the Tories on 32% and is where UKIP get 21%. The Lib Dems whither away at 7% in this age group. So as the 60+ are the most likely to vote will this have the biggest effect on results. and if something attracts the younger voters will Labour get squeezed from both ends?

Ed Miliband himself is not even popular with in his own voters as 26% rate him as doing fairly or very badly. David Cameron with all his perceived woes within his own party has only got 10% of his own voters saying the same. Only Nick Clegg is highest on 43%.

So the question is how can the country believe a leader when over a quarter of his own party think he is doing a bad job?

Your thoughts are welcome.


  1. Just read online sun newspaper that the Tories would lose eight ministerial MP s too ukip. Tories are sweating not Labour.

  2. it is not a matter of nailing your colours to the mast it is about doing the right thing


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