Thursday 23 May 2013


I honestly think polling sometimes is a bit of a farce. Over the past twenty years I have had a slow progression of voting for three parties. My mind didn't swing wildly on a daily basis, I would not see a news event and suddenly decide I was no longer voting one way then the following week give my loyalty and vote back to my original choice.

No! It takes time and for most I guess they stay faithful for years and then if moved do not go back. You may have the floating voter but I would say this is more like a leaf on the top of the pond being gently blown from one side to the other not a bit of drift wood at the mercy of a raging river.

What I am trying to say is that pollsters and there political polls are nothing more than looking at the weather for the year ahead by climbing up a hill and looking into the distance.

So I am thinking of finding a way of getting people to say they will vote Jedi, it is a religion so why not a political movement. I feel the true thoughts of someones intention should be in the voting booth not when you are confronted by Joe or Joanna bloggs asking who you voted for. Or when you reply to an online poll or get rung up.

So all ideas welcome and spread the word. If you get asked who you will vote for. You say let the force be with em' I am voting JEDI!!!

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