Saturday 18 May 2013


If you click the link you will find the list of 9 CANDIDATES FOR ABERDEEN DONSIDE BYELECTION now obviously it is a byelection to the Scottish Parliament and not the UK parliament so would explain a lot. But I just thought how it seems that political parties would on the one hand say there was no anti English sentiment and would never play up to it, but then all bar one then add Scottish to their party name so to appease and gain votes from the Scottish electorate.

Obviously parties like the SNP and the Scottish Democratic Alliance whom are solely Scottish parties have every right to put Scottish before their parties. But what about the Conservatives, Labour & Liberal Democrats? They have done this for a while and do the same for UK parliamentary elections as well as Scottish ones but still as all three parties are supporting the better together train of thought, even if Labour have gone off on their own because they can see that it will be NO so can say it is their brand of NO which won it. But not with standing that, isn't it funny that they feel the need to add Scottish to the party name?

Will we see in the future the Newcastle Labour Party or the Cornish Liberal Democrats? They say they are fighting for a United Kingdom but in this small but divisive way create the issue itself. Scottish people have to be treated differently or they are acknowledging that anything seen as being attached to England would be shunned.

Then we have the Green Party and Christian Alliance, as one is a cause and the other a belief system why do they feel the need to become Scottish? Surely what they represent transcends borders?

Then we have the National Front a group of people who use the Union flag as a symbol of their own cause yet when it now comes to electioneering feel even they can not be seen to be associated with the English and have to be called Scottish.

I will never say that UKIP is perfect but at least they stay true to their own beliefs and keep what they want a UNITED Kingdom and do not pander or continue to promote separation.

Just to lighten the mood this also reminded me of Michael Mcintyre how Scotland turns everything Scottish.

p.s. If only one of the parties had got someone with a truly Scottish name like Alistair, Bruce or Campbell they would have been on the top of the ballot paper.

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