Tuesday 28 May 2013



In a General Election, Labour would win 37% of votes, followed
by the Conservatives on 26%, UKIP on 20% and the Liberal Democrats on 9%.

Among those certain to vote in next year’s European Parliament elections
, UKIP would come first overall on 27%,followed by Labour on 23%. The Conservatives would come third with 21% and the Lib Dems fourth on 18%
So difference between their result for general elections and euro elections
Difference between euro and general election in brackets
Labour 37% (+14%) Conservatives 26% (+5%) UKIP 20% (-7%) Lib Dems 9% (-9%)

Unless people like the very pro european stance of Lib Dems but can't understand why someone would swing from Labour to Lib Dems. Do they really think Labour is not supportive enough of a pro european stance?

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