Thursday 9 May 2013


The latest YOU GOV poll is out and it makes disastrous reading for the Conservatvies and not pleasant reading for the Lib Dems either.

Headline rate.

CON 27%, LAB 38%, LD 11%, UKIP 17% (at some stage they will have to put UKIP 3rd in ranking)


Dig deeper and you find the problems. As 25% of those who voted Conservative in the 2010 General Election say they will now or are voting UKIP. With a further 13% undecided (don't/won't voters)

Lib Dems have only managed to keep 41% of their own voters with 27% now turning Labour 12% turning to UKIP and an increasing amount turning Green 8% They also have the greatest share of don't /  won't voters at 20%

Labour as ever are at their peak. keeping a high 89% of their own, only losing 5% to UKIP and nominal amounts to Cons & LibDems. They also have the lowest don't / won't section at 10%. So really it can't get much better for them at the moment. Which in reality I would be worried. Becuase if either the Tories or Lib Dems get their acts together they could see a plummet in support and the loss of the majority for the next General Election.

The older you get the less likely you are to vote Labour so it is the young people which hold Labour up in the high figures they have. If that young element turn Green or militant for instance and vote TUSC or any other action party. You could see the Labour shares becoming less than attractive.

So where would a Labour voter protest vote go too? That will be seen but we have two years to go and I don't think it is anything like clear cut at the moment.

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