Friday 17 May 2013


If you click the link you can view a video commentary about the polling report. If you follow UKIP you will greatly enjoy what he has to say. Just wish he has something to block the wind from the video.

Con 28% (-4)
Lab 34% (-4)
LD 11% (-4)
UKIP 18% (+9)
BNP 4% (+3)
SNP/PC 3% (nc)
Other 0% (-1)

For a while Labour have said they are not losing votes to UKIP this poll has the highest movement of Labour voters to UKIP at 13% higher than Lib Dem to UKIP which is 12% Conservative to UKIP is 27%

As we saw yesterday it seems Scotland doesn't take too kindly to UKIP but in England the polling is as such.

Labour 34%
Conservative 31%
UKIP 23%
Lib Dems 8%
Green 2%

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