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Plaid Cymru: Rhun ap Iorwerth
Rhun ap Iorwerth
Rhun ap Iorwerth

AFTER being chosen by Plaid Cymru on Thursday, June 27 to stand in the by-election, broadcaster Rhun ap Iorwerth has got his campaign off to a flyer. Rhun, from Llangristiolus has raised several issues for discussion including low wages - confirmation that he is in favour of Wylfa B.
The latest issue that he has highlighted is the future of the Gaerwen to Amlwch Railway track.
Enthusiasts hope to see the line re-open as a tourist attraction.
Following a visit to Amlwch Rhun, said: “There’s an ongoing debate in Amlwch about the proposed railway connection and the need to develop the cycle track
“I am supportive of the proposed railway line which will be a boost to the economy in Amlwch.  “With the investment in tourist attractions that came to the area under the Plaid Cymru driven One Wales government, it would make sense to encourage more people to visit Amlwch using the railway.”

Labour: Tal Michael           
Tal Michael
Tal Michael
 AFTER a stuttering start to his campaign due to selection list issues, Labour’s Tal Michael has ramped up his bid to become Anglesey AM by concentrating on the economy.
In Holyhead he launched a manifesto focusing on job creation with Wylfa B at it’s core.
Mr Michael, said: “From Menai Bridge to Holyhead and Cemaes to Newborough, the issue that keeps coming up on the doorsteps is jobs.
“My five point plan for Ynys Môn focuses on jobs and growth and developing some of the fantastic things already happening here.
“Wylfa B and the jobs it brings is a huge issue.
“The development represents £10bn of investment and 6,000 jobs – the single largest private sector investment in Wales ever, and most importantly, a future for our young people.
“Holyhead Port can and should be the ‘engine-room’ of Ynys Môn – and I will work alongside Albert Owen to enhance its role.”

UKIP: Nathan Gill
Nathan Gill
Nathan Gill

UKIP’s candidate, Nathan Gill from Llangefni has pulled a rabbit out of the hat to boost his campaign.
On July 23, the charismatic leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage MEP will be holding a public meeting at Holyhead Town Hall.
There he will discuss the EU referendum and devolution, and Mr Gill will be joining him on stage.
Mr Gill said: “Yes I can confirm that Nigel will be here on July 23.
“He will be addressing a public meeting at Holyhead Town Hall, I will be speaking there as well.
“I’m sure this visit will tweak the interest of many those who support us and those who don’t.
“We’ve already had many people contacting us wanting tickets.
“The campaign has started well, we’ve opened a shop in Holyhead and a lot of people are dropping in to talk to us and I've been contacted by members from all over Anglesey who say that they will be heading here to help my campaign.
“It’s heating up now.”

Conservative:  Rev Neil Fairlamb
Rev Neil Fairlamb
Rev Neil Fairlamb

BRINGING colour to the campaign, according to his supporters, is Rev Neil Fairlamb.
Beaumaris rector, Rev Fairlamb was the best performing Conservative at the recent Anglesey Council elections where he stood in the Seiriol ward.
He was chosen by the Tories on Tuesday, July 2.
On Friday, Rev Fairlamb  visited Wylfa together with Leader of the Conservative Assembly Group, Andrew RT Davies AM.
Rev Fairlamb, said: “It’s the power that will hopefully fuel new jobs
“We need to commit positively to Wylfa B in order to generate the fuel our businesses are going to need.
“Our position is clear. Wylfa is vital to the economy of the island.
“The Plaid position is chaotic at best, and at worst, hypocrisy. They can’t have it both ways.
“Either they want jobs or they don’t.”

Socialist Labour Party: Kathrine Jones
Kathrine Jones
Kathrine Jones

LAST Friday, just before the 12pm deadline for nominations to stand in the Anglesey by-election, the Socialist Labour Party announced that they were putting a candidate forward.
Kathrine Jones from Bethesda is a veteran of many election having stood in general, European, national assembly elections and last year stood for Gwynedd Council.
She believes that her party is the only one in the race who offer a different alternative on nuclear power.
She said: “We have a clear anti-nuclear policy and we offer the opportunity of discussing this issue rather than the no chance being given by all the other candidates.
“We are in the middle of the age of austerity, the cuts being imposed by central is hitting the people of Ynys Môn very hard. “People are paying for the faults of government.”
Kathrine added: “At the moment I’m putting all the election literature together and preparing for the hustings debates.
“It’s not about showing that you are knocking on doors yet.”

Liberal Democrat: Stephen Churchman           
Stephen Churchman
Stephen Churchman
 LIBERAL Democrat candidate Stephen Churchman is finding that people are responding to him on the doorstep.
Mr Churchman, a Gwynedd Councillor for Garndolbenmaen, has finalised his strategy and has now crossed the Menai Strait to hit the campaign trail.
Mr Churchman, said: “We need jobs here on the island and we need them fast.
“This election is a referendum on the Welsh Labour Government's record in the National Assembly.
“After 14 years of continuous Labour rule Wales has a weak economy, underfunded schools and an NHS that costs more but delivers less.
“That record is one of complete failure and the people of Ynys Môn deserve better.”
He added: “I’ve been campaigning in Menai Bridge, the reception has been good and people are willing to discuss issues on the doorstep.
“They are not saying they are going to vote for me, but they are willing to talk to me.”

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