Friday 26 July 2013


Harwich West Central Lab 279 UKIP 249 CRP 118
Harwich West Lab 277 UKIP 242 Lib Dem 99 CRP 50

There are vacancies in Harwich West and Harwich West Central wards (co-terminous with the district ward of the same name) due to the resignations of Ricky Callender and Claire Callender, both COnservatives. The cause seems to be pique - Ricky Callender was defeated for re-election as Harwich's county councillor, and the next day he and his daughter resigned from the town council. Both remain as district councillors.

Past results:

District 2011: Lab 683/557 Con 671/547 CRP 180/138 Ind 177
Town 2011: Con 719/611 Lab 688/564/556/485 CRP 298/256 Ind 265
District March 2013: Lab 282 Con 220 CRP 163 LD 143
Town March 2013: Lab 345 Con 204 LD 148 CRP 111

Note that the Tendring DC website doesn't give party labels for the 2011 town council elections, but I presume they were on the ballot paper.

West Central
District 2011: Lab 631 Con 534/445 CRP 342/311 Ind 231/199
Town 2011: Lab 635/426/401/389 Con 540/462 CRP 372/369/288/263 Ind 262/246
Town May 2012: Lab 599 Con 334 CRP 180

Harwich West Central is a Lab/UKIP/CRP fight, whilst Harwich West is Lab/UKIP/CRP/LD.

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