Saturday 27 July 2013

Upcoming council by elections

 Thanks to Middle Englander again for collating the info

There are 18 by-elections during August and 9 already in September along with another 14 known vacancies where there is no date as yet for the by-election.

1st August - 5
Amber Valley DC, Codnor & Waingroves - Labour died
Caerphilly BC, Penyrheol - Plaid Cymru died
Norfolk CC, Thetford West - UKIP resigned
Ribble Valley BC, Littlemoor - Conservative resigned
Worcestershire CC, St Mary's - UKIP died

8th August - 4
Merton LB, Colliers Wood - Labour died
Redcar & Cleveland UA, Skelton - Labour resigned
Swindon UA, Haydon Wick - Conservative died
Waveney DC, Oulton - Labour died

15th August - 4
Hartlepool UA, Manor House - Labour resigned
Torridge DC, Shebbear & Langtry - Conservative resigned
Walsall MB, Aldridge Central & South - Conservative died
West Berkshire UA, Hungerford - Conservative died

22nd August - 4
Doncaster MB, Askern Spa - Labour resigned following election as Mayor
Lincoln DC, Bracebridge - Conservative sitting as Independent disqualified
Scarborough DC, Newby - Independent resigned
Scarborough DC, Ramshill - Conservative resigned

29th August - 1
South Lakeland DC, Windermere Bowness North - Lib Dem resigned

5th September - 6
Boston BC, Fenside - English Democrat disqualified
Carlisle BC, Yewdale - Labour died
Cornwall UA, Wadebridge East - Independent resigned
Northamptonshire CC, Middleton Cheney - Conservative died
St Edmundsbury DC, Bardwell - Conservative died
Wycombe DC Hambleden Valley - Conservative died

12th September - 3
Central Bedfordshire UA, Dunstable Northfields - Conservative died
Hertfordshire CC, Hitchin North - Labour died
North Herts DC, Hitchen Houghton - Labour died

Current known vacancies where by-election not yet called - 14
Barnsley MB, Wombwell - Labour died around 24th July
Canterbury BC. Seasalter - Conservative died around 22nd July
Daventry DC, Ravensthorpe - Conservative died 19th June
Dudley MB, Coseley East - Labour died 5th June
East Hants DC, Four Marks & Medstead - Conservative resigned around 17th July
Fife UA, Dumferline South - Labour died 25th July
Forest of Dean DC, Coleford East - Labour died 19th June
Forest of Dean DC, Redmarley - Conservative died 1st July
Glasgow UA, Govan - SNP died 23rd July
Neath Port Talbot CB, Sandsfield East - Labour died 26th June
North Yorkshire CC, South Selby - Conservative died 17th June
St Helens MB, Billinge & Seneley - Labour resigned around 15th May
Tendring DC, Clacton St James - Conservative died 5th July
West Sussex CC, Storrington - Conservative died 21st July

Impending vacancies - 3
Brent LB, Dudden Hill - Lib Dem councillor
Flintshire CC, Mostyn - Independent councillor disqualified pending an appeal
Scottish Borders UA, Tweeddale West - Conservative councillor

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  1. Tweeddale West by-election called for 10 October


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