Friday 12 July 2013

YES! Give MPs 6 grand pay rise.

When you first look at the headline you might think me mad. Why give MPs a six grand pay rise?

It seems that some of the MPs are coming out against it and says how terrible it would be to take the rise considering the state of the nation etc, etc.

But what they don't tell you about is the stipulations. Many of you, like myself over the years in order to get a pay rise of any sorts you have to give something up. Many have lost final salary pension schemes, Bank Holidays and Sundays become normalised days. For every percentage point gained about treble has to recouped in expenditure by your employer.

Well it seems MP's have had the same done to them. Yes, they gain 6 grand but they would lose.

Final Salary pension scheme - It becomes a career average which would save £2.5 million a year when fully implemented.

Instead of getting up to 64 grand resettlement grants as redundancy first 30 grand was tax free. You would get a more modest amount and you would also have to stand for re election and lose if you was of working age. So might sort out the likes of Falkirk MP who is staying to the bitter end. If he had nothing to stay for would he just have gone earlier?

An end to over night living expense and meal subsides.

So all in all I say give MPs the six grand pay rise and sort out everything else because the public would be better off. Now you can see why the MPs are against it.


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