Wednesday 25 February 2015

A list of upcoming council by elections and vacant council seats

 Collated by MiddleEnglander

There are 11 by-elections identified during March although one candidate so far has been returned unopposed. A further 14 vacancies are known where the election has as yet no date, although it is all but certain 9 will see no by-election as they are to be contested again in May, along with 2 impending resignations so the vacancy can be filled on 7th May. So far 33 vacancies have been identified under the "six month" rule.

There are thus 21 by-elections for 22 seats already scheduled in the January to April 2015 period ahead of the main elections in May. A total close to the 22 contested during the same period in 2011 looks very likely.

5th March - 4
Brent LB, Kenton - Conservative died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Green
Camden LB, St Pancras & Somers Town - Labour died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Green
Croydon LB, Selhurst - Labour died - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green
Essex CC, Bocking - UKIP died - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP, Green, Ind

12th March - 1
Western Isles UA, West Side & Ness - Independent died - Independent returned unopposed

19th March - 1
Denbighshire UA, Rhyl South West - Labour died - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Plaid Cymru, Ind

26th March - 5
Fife UA, Glenrothes West & Kinglassie - Labour died - 8 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, SNP, UKIP, Green, 2 x Ind
Moray UA, Buckie - Independent died - 3 candidates: Con, SNP, Ind
Vale of Glamorgan UA, Llantwit Major - Llantwit Major First Independent died
Western Isles UA - Beinn na Foghla agus Uibhist a Tuath - Labour resigned - 2 candidates: SNP, Ind
West Lothian UA, Armadale & Blackridge - SNP disqualified for non-attendance - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, SNP, Green, Ind

Current known vacancies where by-election not yet called - 5+2+9
Gwynedd UA, Cadnant - Plaid Cymru died 29th January
Newcastle-under-Lyme BC, Clayton - Conservative died 20th January
Rotherham MB, Boston Castle - Labour resigned 5th February
St Helens MB, Haydock - Labour died around 12th February
Suffolk CC, Haverhill Cangle - Conservative resigned around 2nd February

Mole Valley DC, Holmwoods - UKIP to resign so by-election coincides with General Election
Swansea UA, Cockett - Labour due to resign 20th March so by-election coincides with General Election

* Fenland DC, Manea - Independent disqualified 8th November
* Herefordshire UA, Mortimer - Conservative died 6th November
* High Peak DC, Limestone Peak - Conservative died around 15th September
* Lichfield DC, St John's - Conservative died 14th September
* Rushcliffe DC, Manvers - Conservative died 26th September
* South Oxfordshire DC, Goring- Conservative died 21st September
* South Ribble BC, Bamber Bridge West - Labour died 1st November
* St Edmunsbury BC, Haverhill East - Conservative sitting as UKIP died 2nd October
* Waveney DC, St Margaret's - Labour died 8th November

* seats that will be contested again in May 2015
Herefordshire, Lichfield, Rushcliffe & South Oxfordshire see boundary changes

Vacancies covered by the "6 month" rule - 33
Bassetlaw DC, East Retford North - Labour resigned around 3rd February
Bedford UA, Great Barford - Conservative died 6th December
Bracknell Forest UA, Winkfield & Cranborne - Conservative died 18th November
Canterbury BC, Heron - Liberal Democrat died 8th January
Charnwood BC, Thurmaston - Labour died around 10th November
Chelmsford BC, The Lawns - Conservative died December
Darlington UA, Park East - Labour died around 1st January
Dartford BC, Brent - Conservative resigned around 15th December
Eastleigh BC, Hedge End Wildern - Liberal Democrat resigned 2nd December
East Lindsey DC, Sibsey - Independent died 15th November
East Staffordshire DC, Yoxall - Conservative died around 22nd December
Kingston-upon-Hull, Drypool - Labour resigned 16th February
Maidstone BC, Leeds - Conservative died 27th January
Milton Keynes UA, Monkston - Liberal Democrat resigned 17th November
Pendle BC, Clover Hill - Labour resigned around 3rd December
Rotherham MB, Silverwood - Labour resigned around 26th November
Rotherham MB, Valley - Labour resigned 5th February
Rushcliffe DC, Thoroton - Conservative died 16th November
Sevenoaks DC, Cowden & Hever - Conservative sitting as UKIP resigned towards end of December
Shepway DC, Hythe East - Conservative died 7th December
St Edmundsbury BC, Haverhill North - Conservative resigned 2nd February
South Holland DC, Donnington, Quadring & Gosberton - Conservative died 7th February
South Oxfordshire DC, Thame North - Conservative died around 18th February
Stockport MB, Bredbury & Woodley - Liberal Democrat died 30th January
Stoke-on-Trent UA, Birches Head & Central Forest Park - City Independent died around 12th February
Stratford-upon-Avon DC, Aston Cantlow - Conservative died February 10th (all out elections in May)
Stroud DC, Nailsworth - Conservative died close to rule becoming applicable
Torbay UA, Blatchcombe - Conservative died around 4th December
Warwick DC, Stoneleigh - Independent died 5th February
Waverley BC, Cranleigh East - Conservative died 29th November
Wealden DC, Buxsted & Maresfield - Conservative resigned 26th November
Wychavon DC, Badsey - Conservative died 15th November
Wychavon DC, Elmley Castle & Somerville - Conservative resigned around 16th December

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