Thursday 26 February 2015

Survation Polling For Alan Bown - South Thanet

Primarily of course this polling is to find out about UKIPs chances in South Thanet but if you look at the bottom of the post we also happen to find the demographic of the Al Murray FKUP voter.

Survation on behalf of Alan Bown have polled the South Thanet constituency in the first poll to date to name the candidates standing for election. Fieldwork dates 18th-20th February 2015, Sample size 1011.
In answer to the question:
If the General Election was tomorrow, how would you vote in your South Thanet constituency if the following candidates were standing?
Headline figures are:
Nigel Farage UKIP - 39%
Will Scobie LAB - 28%
Craig Mackinlay CON - 27%
Ian Driver GRE -  3%  
Russ Timpson LD -  2%
Al Murray FUKP - 1%
Another Candidate - 1%

Full data tables can be found here.
For reference, Survation on behalf of Alan Bown previously polled the South Thanet constituency in November 2013, prompting party names only.
The main voting prompt question in our previous polling was:
If that general election were to be held tomorrow, which party do you think you would be most likely to vote for in your South Thanet constituency?
Headline figures were:
LAB 35%
UKIP 30%
CON 28%
LD 5%
AP 3%
Data tables for our previous South Thanet poll can be found here.

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