Wednesday 18 February 2015

Upcoming Council By Elections and Vacant seats

 Collated by MiddleEnglander

There is 1 by-election remaining in February and 10 so far identified during March where one candidate so far has been returned unopposed. A further 13 vacancies are known where the election has as yet no date, although it is almost certain 9 will see no by-election as they are to be contested again in May, along with an impending resignation so the vacancy can be filled on 7th May. So far 30 vacancies have been identified under the "six month" rule.

There are so far 20 by-elections for 21 seats scheduled in the January to April 2015 period, including the 9 for 10 seats already held, ahead of the main elections in May. A total close to the 22 contested during the same period in 2011 looks very likely.

19th February - 1
Carmarthenshire UA, Hengoed - Labour died - 6 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP, PC, People 1st, Ind

5th March - 4
Brent LB, Kenton - Conservative died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Green
Camden LB, St Pancras & Somers Town - Labour died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Green
Croydon LB, Selhurst - Labour died - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green
Essex CC, Bocking - UKIP died - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP, Green, Ind

12th March - 1
Western Isles UA, West Side & Ness - Independent died - Independent returned unopposed

19th March - 1
Denbighshire UA, Rhyl South West - Labour died

26th March - 4
Fife UA, Glenrothes West & Kinglassie - Labour died
Moray UA, Buckie - Independent died
Vale of Glamorgan UA, Llantwit Major - Llantwit Major First Independent died
Western Isles UA - Beinn na Foghla agus Uibhist a Tuath - Labour resigned

Current known vacancies where by-election not yet called - 4+1+9
Gwynedd UA, Cadnant - Plaid Cymru died 29th January
Newcastle-under-Lyme BC, Clayton - Conservative died 20th January
Rotherham MB, Boston Castle - Labour resigned 5th February
Suffolk CC, Haverhill Cangle - Conservative resigned around 2nd February

Swansea UA, Cockett - Labour due to resign 20th March so by-election coincides with General Election

* Fenland DC, Manea - Independent disqualified 8th November
* Herefordshire UA, Mortimer - Conservative died 6th November
* High Peak DC, Limestone Peak - Conservative died around 15th September
* Lichfield DC, St John's - Conservative died 14th September
* Rushcliffe DC, Manvers - Conservative died 26th September
* South Oxfordshire DC, Goring- Conservative died 21st September
* South Ribble BC, Bamber Bridge West - Labour died 1st November
* St Edmunsbury BC, Haverhill East - Conservative sitting as UKIP died 2nd October
* Waveney DC, St Margaret's - Labour died 8th November

* seats that will be contested again in May 2015.

Vacancies covered by the "6 month" rule - 30
Bedford UA, Great Barford - Conservative died 6th December
Bracknell Forest UA, Winkfield & Cranborne - Conservative died 18th November
Canterbury BC, Heron - Liberal Democrat died 8th January
Charnwood BC, Thurmaston - Labour died around 10th November
Chelmsford BC, The Lawns - Conservative died December
Darlington UA, Park East - Labour died around 1st January
Dartford BC, Brent - Conservative resigned around 15th December
Eastleigh BC, Hedge End Wildern - Liberal Democrat resigned 2nd December
East Lindsey DC, Sibsey - Independent died 15th November
East Staffordshire DC, Yoxall - Conservative died around 22nd December
Maidstone BC, Leeds - Conservative died 27th January
Milton Keynes UA, Monkston - Liberal Democrat resigned 17th November
Pendle BC, Clover Hill - Labour resigned around 3rd December
Rotherham MB, Silverwood - Labour resigned around 26th November
Rotherham MB, Valley - Labour resigned 5th February
Rushcliffe DC, Thoroton - Conservative died 16th November
Sevenoaks DC, Cowden & Hever - Conservative sitting as UKIP resigned towards end of December
Shepway DC, Hythe East - Conservative died 7th December
St Edmundsbury BC, Haverhill North - Conservative resigned 2nd February
South Holland DC, Donnington, Quadring & Gosberton - Conservative died 7th February
Stockport MB, Bredbury & Woodley - Liberal Democrat died 30th January
Stoke-on-Trent UA, Birches Head & Central Forest Park - City Independent died around 12th February
Stratford-upon-Avon DC, Aston Cantlow - Conservative died February 10th (all out elections in May)
Stroud DC, Nailsworth - Conservative died close to rule becoming applicable
Torbay UA, Blatchcombe - Conservative died around 4th December
Warwick DC, Stoneleigh - Independent died 5th February
Waverley BC, Cranleigh East - Conservative died 29th November
Wealden DC, Buxsted & Maresfield - Conservative resigned 26th November
Wychavon DC, Badsey - Conservative died 15th November
Wychavon DC, Elmley Castle & Somerville - Conservative resigned around 16th December

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