Saturday 28 February 2015

#GE2015 Forecast for Scotland from Electoral Calculus

As a large and distinct region of the country, Scotland enjoys its own political atmosphere. Polling in Scottish newspapers and media also allows us to make specific predictions for Scottish seats at Westminster.

Predictions of seats won at Westminster

Party2010 Votes2010 SeatsPred VotesPred Seats
CON 16.7%1 16.5%0
LAB 42.0%41 27.7%13
LIB 18.9%11 4.4%0
UKIP 0.7%0 3.4%0
Green 0.7%0 3.7%0
NAT 19.9%6 43.5%46
Minor 1.1%0 0.7%0
Prediction based on opinion polls from 12 Feb 15 to 25 Feb 15, sampling 3,597 people.

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