Saturday, 28 February 2015

Yougov (Voting Intentions V Education)  <<< Follow the link if you would like to join the YOUGOV panel and have your opinions heard

So as Miliband made his speech yesterday, yougov released an Opinion Poll with voters thoughts on who would protect the interests of Universities, Students & School Teachers/Children.

For a rare occasion the Green Party is put into the mix, and they out poll UKIP is this why they were included? Shame they didn't also include Green voters in the down column as well. So you could see What Green voters thought of their own party.

Most voters didn't whole heartily support their own party. Labour did the best but in some areas only managed just above 50% of their own voters thinking they would be best. The worst party for lack of self belief was the UKIP voter, with less than 1 in 5 thinking that their own party was best placed to protect the interests of those the question was about. 

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