Sunday 8 February 2015

Do you feel Elections change anything?


We would love your views on the question

Do you just feel the process of elections are there to just make you feel as though you have had a say. But never actually change anything?


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  1. I think the recent experience of Conservative coalition means things really DO change when a different party gets in. For example, the extreme cuts, the NHS dismantling, the bullying of teachers by Gove, the bullying of the police by May, bullying the disabled by Duncan-Smith... all that would not have happened under a Lab/ Lib coalition or similar. Right-wing politics always ends up being cruel, ultra-capitalist and anti-society. I've learnt that in the past five years of Tory coalition (and yes, most decisions are Tory). Wanted to give Conservatives a chance to prove me wrong, but they've only confirmed how careless and cruel they are, and I'm more certain than ever that they are a thoughtless party who prioritise the top 1% above all else. (only exception = Zac Goldsmith).


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