Sunday 29 March 2015

Stephen Fulton Independent Candidate for Milton Keynes South

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Stephen Fulton standing as Independent Member of Parliament for Milton Keynes South
I came to Milton Keynes 12 years ago expecting little more than a landscape of roundabouts: I found a wonderful Garden City with a community that works together and is well-connected. I have a wife and three young children who are privileged to live in a proper community with big town benefits.  So I started to get involved: as a youth rugby coach and as an academy school governor; I could feel the potential of this town.  But then, looking into details and statistics I could see danger that political capital was being made on the success of the town with no political protection given to sustainability.  My personal life journey has had its ups and downs: being brought up in the 60s by a single parent on the poverty line; working as a young teen in street markets; taking an apprenticeship in engineering; serving in the Territorial Army; making money on a technology startup in 1999 then losing money on another in 2005; knowing what redundancy and job-seeking is like with a family to support – I am a common man who cares and I am prepared to do something about it.

Most citizens I speak with want their MP to be working to their agenda and not ‘whipped’ into line by their party elite.  In the existing political structure, the Party picks, trains and programs their front people as career politicians solely for the benefit of the party; then the party ‘whips’ them into shape.  My constituency deserves an MP that is accountable first and foremost to them, the constituents themselves, not to a political party.
As typical of ‘main party’ politicians, the current local ‘main party’ politicians have been quick to take the credit for MK’s growth in business numbers, but have not accepted the responsibility to combat the drop in apprenticeships.  I see credit taken for job availability but no responsibility accepted for the high number of people on Job Seekers’ Allowance. I see politicians taking credit for MK’s innovation but showing a lack of determination to fight for greater government investment in infrastructure or its 8 great technologies. They are career MPs taking credit and making political capital but not challenging their own parties when a greater fight is required. I am prepared to fight for all these things and more; working for the local people, industries and amenities.

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