Wednesday 25 March 2015

Survation On behalf of the Daily Mirror

On behalf of the Daily Mirror, Survation interviewed 1,007 adults online about their voting intention and a range of other topical issues. Fieldwork 24th-25th March 2015. Full tables can be found here:

Headline voting intention (with change in brackets since our last poll on 24th February 2015):
LAB 33% (-1); CON 32% (+3); UKIP 18% (-1); LD 8% (-1); SNP 4% (NC); GRE 4% (NC); OTH 1% (NC)

Survation also ask a secondary voting intention question:  “The General Election is on 7 May 2015. Thinking specifically  about your constituency and the parties and candidates likely to be in contention, how do you think you will vote on 7 May”  Results to that question prompt are (with change in brackets since 24th February 2015):

LAB candidate 32% (-1); CON candidate 32% (+3); UKIP candidate 17% (-2); LD candidate 9% (-1); SNP candidate 5% (NC); GRE candidate 4% (+1); another candidate 1% (+1)

The graph below shows change in Daily Mirror/Survation general election polling since November.

Full tables can be found here:

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