Tuesday 21 April 2015

GE2015: Rural/Urban Projections, England and Wales by The Hustings

Projections using theHustings data and DEFRA rural/ urban classifications; 1=Most Urban, 6=Most Rural
Labour dominates in Urban areas 1-3 and picks up very few seats in 4-6. Conservative support grows as the Seat becomes more rural. The LibDems are losing seats to Labour in 1-3 and Conservatives 4-6.
The Conservatives notably lose a number of seats to Labour in classification 3 (eg. Ipswich, Warrington) – all of these are with tight margins and all were held by Lab in 2005.
Vote share per classification shows an even neater relationship with red and blue swapping dominance from 1-6.

http://www.thehustings.co.uk/ge2015-ruralurban/ SOURCE

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