Monday 20 April 2015

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Our latest voting intention figures published in The Sun this morning are CON 34%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%.
  • Labour lead by 1.
  • In YouGov’s poll for The Sunday Times, 47% of people think David Cameron is doing well as Prime Minister, 47% badly (a net rating of 0).
  • 36% of people think Ed Miliband is doing well as Labour leader, 54% badly (a net rating of minus 18 – his best score since 2012).
  • 27% of people think Nick Clegg is doing well as Lib Dem leader, 63% badly (a net rating of minus 36).
  • Peter Kellner’s latest forecast: Tories are losing both air war and ground war 
  • Stephan Shakespeare for The Times Red Box: Miliband tactics are squeezing Tory defenders.
  • The stigma factor: UKIP vote most embarrassing, Labour least. 
  • First new pylon for 90 years a hit with voters.

  • By 58% to 23% the public think the UK should commit to spending 2% of GDP on defence to meet NATO expectations.
  • Under both a Conservative or Labour government the majority of people expect the defence budget to be decreased or remain the same.
  • Only 10% expect the budget to be increased if either party came to power.
Coalition Government
  • By 49% to 29% Brits would rather a single party government than a coalition, though if faced with the option of a coalition or minority government they would prefer a coalition (by 44% to 30%).
  • Asked about potential coalitions, Conservative voters would favour a deal with the Liberal Democrats (50%) over a deal with UKIP (35%).
  • Labour voters would prefer a deal with the Lib Dems (36%) over one with the SNP (28%) or one with both parties (11%).

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