Thursday 30 April 2015

Our APRIL numbers on Twitter


589  6.9%

Tweet impressions

1.65M  57.7%

Profile visits

27.7K  82.0%


1,312  35.0%


9,528  1,197


Top Tweet earned 71.9K impressions

Yougov 2550 voters aged 18-24 Fieldwork: 1st - 28th March Women (Men) LAB 40% (29%) GREEN 23% (18%) CON 18% (27%) UKIP 7% (12%) LD 7% (8%)
 21  195  92

Top Follower followed by 47.6K people

@Leigh_Pickett FOLLOWS YOU
2015 is the year of the 99%❤️In deep with the Fire Brigades Union! My views are my own not those of my employer. Retweeting doesnt mean I agree. Unity!

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Top mention earned 644 engagements

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