Friday 17 April 2015

Have you ever regretted who you have voted for in a UK General Election?

Above is the link to a easy poll, the Question is in the header, and just 2 answers Yes or No.

I don't do don't knows, you either know or you don't. So yes and no it is.

The reason for my poll is just the thoughts around this General Election, I guess I am of an age (40) where you can be let down by what politicians have said or promised and it actually happen in my life time.

The first election I voted in was in 1992, so all the baggage of the 70s three day week and Maggie Thatchers 80s were just history to me. So I went on what was said then and what promises they gave for the future.

As it seems more than ever the message from all the parties is believe us and don't believe the others because what they will do is bad and what we will do is better. So now as you cast your vote you have to believe that what that party or individual is promising will come true and you won't live through something which you may live to regret.

Nick Clegg is feeling now the full force of a broken promise and no matter how much he tries to square it, the damage is done and Cleggmania is a distant dream. Labour have a more recent problem in Scotland, now being dubbed the Red Tories as the SNP ride the crest of the wave.

But if the SNP had won the referendum, how would they have dealt with a oil price drop that no one predicted?

Hindsight is fantastic, and we would have all done things differently in life if given the 2nd chance. But it is how those things come to pass. Is it because events forced the hands of the individuals or is it because they misled and had no thought of doing what they promised or masking an ulterior plan which they have in mind and will implement once in but just said what voters wanted to hear so they could get elected.

So with that in mind would people who voted for Margaret Thatcher in 79 and 83 done the same if they look back over the miners strike.

Would those who voted for John Major changed their mind considering the five years of squabbles within the party and market crashes.

Some look on Tony Blair much differently now than they did in 1997 so do those voters regret voting the way they did? Would you have voted differently and why?

Comments section is open, I look forward to reading your replies.

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  1. Well, that is a surprise. A place for someone to leave their views no matter what they be, and everyone seems to shy to say anything.

    Oh well.

    currently the result of the poll is

    YES 69%
    NO 31%

    Thank to all those who have voted.


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