Tuesday 28 April 2015

TV Coverage of the 2015 UK General Election

Thanks to @HarryHayfield for collating this

BBC One / BBC News / BBC Parliament / BBC Wales / BBC Scotland / BBC Northern Ireland
2155 – 0600: Election 2015
0600 – 0900: Election 2015
0900 – 1300: Election 2015

2155 – 0600: Election 2015
0600 – 0925: Good Morning Britain
0925 – 1230: ITV News Special

Channel 4
2100 – 2130: Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night
2130 – 2200: The Last Leg Election Special
2200 – 2300: Gogglebox
2300 – 0000: Paxman and Mitchell
0000 – 0600: The Results

2200 – 2300: The Pub Landlord Election Special

Sky Arts 1
2150 – 0800: Election Newsroom LIVE

Sky News will be broadcasting from 2100 until "the last declaration" (something they have done since 1992


  1. I thought you might like the filmed programme- ‘QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with chips’.
    In the short video, prospective parliamentary candidates sit down for supper with young volunteers to discuss the big political ideas .From immigration, economic growth and the EU to free speech, humanitarian intervention and building homes ourselves; they put cracking questions to candidates. But, do they get answers they are looking for? You decide.
    You can watch the short video here: http://www.worldbytes.org/questiondine-2015-election-candidates-with-chips/
    We would be delighted to get your feedback/comments on the video and would very grateful if you would embed the video and share this programme with your friends and networks who may be interested.
    Thank you.

    1. We have sorted this for you http://ukgeneralelection2015.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/questiondine-2015-election-candidates.html all we ever ask in return is a link back to our homepage. Thanks

  2. Is there going to be Live coverage of the 2015 UK Election results on BBC World TV Asia Pacific Region? If so what are the hours of coverage (GMT or NZST)


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