AS THE GAMBLE on the Conservatives to be at least part of the next government continued, William Hill installed Nick Clegg as Even money favourite to be the first UK major Party leader to stand down, with David Cameron 3/1 second favourite, Nigel Farage 4/1 and Ed Miliband 5/1 outsider.
Hills have another market on three of the other Party leaders, with Natalie Bennett 1/4 favourite to go before 11/4 Leanne Wood and 14/1 Nicola Sturgeon.
'Every leader is vulnerable at this General Election should he or she fail to produce the expected level of success' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
WILLIAM HILL have shortened their odds for the second time in forty eight hours for the Conservatives to win the Election with an overall majority as money cotinued to pour on that option. Hills took a number of four figure bets ,including one of £3000, as the odds dived from 15/2 to 13/2 (stake £2 to make profit of £13) to become the fourth most likely outcome of the General Election - three of which involve the Tories.
'The Tories have begun to attract consistent support to win outright, form a minority government, or again go into coalition with the Lib Dems' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'They are also 2/9 favourites to win more votes than any other Party and 1/4 to win more seats. Yet Ed Miliband is favourite to be PM on Aug 1, although his odds have lengthened from 8/15 to 4/7 while David Cameron has shortened from 6/4 to 11/8.'
LATEST WILLIAM HILL GENERAL ELECTION OUTCOME ODDS....1/9 (was 1/10) Hung Parliament; 13/8 Labour minority; 7/2 Con-LD coalition; 4/1 Con minority; 13/2 Conservative majority; 7/1 Coalition involving SNP; 8/1 Lab-LD coalition; 25/1 Coalition involving DUP;28/1 Labour majority; 33/1 Con-Lab coalition; Coalition involving Ukip; 50/1 Coalition involving Greens; 500/1 Ukip majority; 500/1 Lib Dem majority.
FIRST MALE PARTY LEADER TO STAND DOWN...Evs Clegg; 3/1 Cameron; 4/1 Farage; 5/1 Miliband
FIRST FEMALE PARTY LEADER  TO STAND DOWN...1/4 Natalie Bennett; 11/4 Leanne Wood; 14/1 Nicola Sturgeon.