Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Populus Polling (Who is certain to vote & certain not to vote?)

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  1. This has got to be fairytale polls.

    Because the bulk of people do not vote nor keep themselves registered to vote. We have had one hung parliament and the next one will be even more severely hung.

    And the young vote the least.

    What it appears to be is the friends, family, good mates, business interests and party members saying if they will vote for their own party?

    That has got to be a tiny percentage of all voters.

    And there are a lot of parties, even running in 1/6th of the seats for the fair media coverage threshold, who are getting absolutely nil coverage by any media.

    Tens of millions of people will not vote in 2015.

    It appears only 8 million voted in 2010, with nearly 16 million registered voters not bothering to come out, 9 million of them being women.

    In 2014 there were 7.5 million eligible voters not registered to vote, of these 4 million were young people 18-25 (16-18 in Scotland) and around 2 million disabled out of the around 11 million disabled, with most of these not coming out to vote as no big party offers them a thing.

    Voting has gone out of fashion and shows no sign of returning any time soon.

    So small parties, if only they could get newspaper and TV coverage, have the best chance in a generation.



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