Saturday, 4 April 2015

2007 Scottish Parliamentary Election results by Ward

It seems to be lucky find day, here is another I found on my travels

by afleitch

I have decided to record these results (I made a mess of an earlier attempt) despite them being old, because the data to allow me to do so; polling districts etc will start to become out of date. It’s already becoming difficult. There are caveats to the results of course. Polling boxes split between wards are split equally between them. This only effects a few dozen votes each way at most and doesn’t happen that often. In many seats it doesn’t happen at all. 

Postal votes, which are collated by constituency only, are split proportionately however so if the party vote across three wards is 150-100-50, then if there are 100 postal votes cast for that party they are split 50-33-17; i.e the same proportion as the party vote split across the wards.

Here is the link in Google Docs

And here is the map. Because.

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  1. How did you get these? I thought results were only ever released at the constituency level? - JD


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