Monday, 13 April 2015

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Our latest voting intention figures published in The Sun this morning are CON 33%, LAB 36%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%.
  • Labour lead by three – their highest lead for two weeks.
  • 37% of people approve of the government's record to date, 51% disapprove.
  • If Labour win the next election the majority of people (60%) think taxes will rise while only 38% think taxes will rise under a Conservative government.
  • Those who think Labour will increase taxes say the top rate of income tax (72%) and capital gains (52%) are the taxes most likely to rise under Labour.
  • 52% of those who think the Conservatives will increase taxes if they win the election say VAT will be the most likely tax to increase.
Small Business
  • The Conservatives are seen as slightly better for people who own small businesses than Labour.
  • The public say that if the Conservatives win the election it would be good for small business owners by 38% to 25% while for Labour the figures are 32% to 27%.
  • Asked who would benefit those who work for small businesses, a Conservative government is seen to be a bad thing (by 34% to 29%) while a Labour government is considered to be a good thing (34% to 25%).
Tuition fees
  • By 59% to 22% the public support a reduction in University tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000 a year.
  • Out of the main parties, only Conservative voters oppose the plan by 44% to 37%.

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