Wednesday 3 September 2014

100 Most Influential Tweeters in Scotland

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1 @kevinbridges86 Kevin Bridges 97 802K Comedian Congratulate
2 @nickymcdonald1 Nicholas McDonald 97 342K Singer Congratulate
3 @frankieboyle Frankie Boyle 97 1,650K Comedian Congratulate
4 @DaftLimmy Brian Limond 97 127K Comedian Congratulate
5 @CalvinHarris Calvin Harris 94 4,700K DJ Congratulate
6 @andy_murray Andy Murray 94 2,680K Tennis Player Congratulate
7 @greghemphill69 Greg Hemphill 94 79K Comedian Congratulate
8 @IrvineWelsh Irvine Welsh 93 137K Author Congratulate
9 @robertflorence Robert Florence 93 37K Actor/Comedian Congratulate
10 @TheVampsCon Connor Ball 92 893K Singer Congratulate
11 @AlexSalmond Alex Salmond 92 80K First Minister of Scotland Congratulate
12 @NicolaSturgeon Nicola Sturgeon 92 52K SNP Deputy Leader Congratulate
13 @govindajeggy Sanjeev Kohli 92 46K Actor/Comedian Congratulate
14 @jk_rowling J K Rowling 91 3,620K Author Congratulate
15 @GrahamSpiers Graham Spiers 91 59K Sports Writer Congratulate
16 @ninanesbitt Nina Nesbitt 91 156K Singer Congratulate
17 @GregorColeman Gregor Coleman 91 14K Singer (Supernovaboys) Congratulate
18 @Martin1Williams Martin Williams 91 23K Journalist Congratulate
19 @SarahBrownUK Sarah Brown 91 1,210K Campaigner Congratulate
20 @dhothersall Duncan Hothersall 90 4K Businessman and Trade Union Activist Congratulate
21 @GeorgeGalloway George Galloway 90 222K Politician Congratulate
22 @SeanBattySTV Sean Batty 90 82K Weatherman Congratulate
23 @Christy_ODonnel Christy O'Donnell 90 13K Singer (Supanovaboys) Congratulate
24 @AngelaHaggerty Angela Haggerty 90 7K Journalist Congratulate
25 @eddireader Eddi Reader 90 21K Singer Congratulate
26 @kcommons15 Kris Commons 90 127K Celtic Footballer Congratulate
27 @pmacgiollabhain Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 90 24K Author Congratulate
28 @FordKiernan1 Ford Kiernan 90 23K Actor/Comedian Congratulate
29 @nataliemcgarry Natalie McGarry 89 5K Political Commentator Congratulate
30 @jamlang22 Jamie Langfield 89 18K Aberdeen Player Congratulate
31 @HarrisHiscoe Harris Hiscoe 89 13K Singer (Supernovaboys) Congratulate
32 @MarkAngelico Mark Angels 89 92K Singer/Dancer Congratulate
33 @euanmccolm Euan McColm 89 4K Journalist Congratulate
34 @PeteWishart Pete Wishart 89 7K MP for Perth and North Perthshire Congratulate
35 @TomEnglishSport Tom English 89 27K Sports Writer Congratulate
36 @KennyFarq Kenny Farquharson 88 10K Deputy Editor of The Scotsman Congratulate
37 @bbcjimspence Jim Spence 88 39K Presenter/Journalist Congratulate
38 @GerryBraiden Gerry Braiden 88 7K Journalist Congratulate
39 @STVGrant Grant Russell 88 22K Sports Journalist Congratulate
40 @tommy_ball Tommy Ball 88 2K Socialist Activist Congratulate
41 @chrisjohnmilly Chris Millington 88 44K Model Congratulate
42 @brianjaffa Brian Ferguson 88 9K Journalist Congratulate
43 @rfc_dickson Andrew Dickson 88 20K Presenter Congratulate
44 @andywightman Andy Wightman 88 7K Writer/Researcher Congratulate
45 @KnoxyDiane Diane Knox-Campbell 88 22K Presenter/DJ Congratulate
46 @MattMcGlone9 Matt McGlone 88 19K Football Writer Congratulate
47 @realmackaystv John MacKay 88 28K Journalist/TV Presenter Congratulate
48 @citizentommy Tommy Sheridan 88 24K MSP Congratulate
49 @AngusMacNeilMP Angus MacNeil 88 8K MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar Congratulate
50 @JaneyGodley Janey Godley 88 14K Comedian Congratulate
51 @alanbissett Alan Bissett 88 10K Author/Playwright Congratulate
52 @TheRealMcGowan Drew McGowan 87 5K Blogger Congratulate
53 @ChristinaSNP Christina McKelvie 87 8K MSP Congratulate
54 @LesleyRiddoch Lesley Riddoch 87 15K Journalist/Broadcaster Congratulate
55 @charlie_mulgrew Charlie Mulgrew 87 87K Celtic Footballer Congratulate
56 @PeterAdamSmith Peter A Smith 87 9K TV Journalist Congratulate
57 @patrickharvie Patrick Harvie 87 19K MSP Congratulate
58 @MhairiHunter Mhairi Hunter 87 3K Councillor Congratulate
59 @judmoo Judy Murray 87 111K Tennis Coach Congratulate
60 @blairmcdougall Blair McDougall 87 7K Campaign Director for @UK_together Congratulate
61 @AndyMerryRisk Andy Merry 87 74K Singer Congratulate
62 @dollydigital Dolly Digital 87 4K Graphic Designer Congratulate
63 @a_rose1dresses Lisa Hague 87 11K Celtic WAG Congratulate
64 @AnasSarwar Anas Sarwar 87 7K MP for Glasgow Central Congratulate
65 @pauljcorrigan Paul James Corrigan 87 12K Actor Congratulate
66 @Leasky David Leask 87 7K Reporter Congratulate
67 @afneil Andrew Neil 87 160K Journalist/Broadcaster Congratulate
68 @HumzaYousaf Humza Yousaf 87 17K MSP Congratulate
69 @reallorraine Lorraine Kelly 86 488K Presenter Congratulate
70 @IainConnell Iain Connell 86 19K Comedian Congratulate
71 @BoogsTweets Boogie 86 21K Radio DJ Congratulate
72 @GordonSmart Gordon Smart 86 94K Editor at The Scottish Sun Congratulate
73 @Amy__Macdonald Amy Macdonald 86 85K Singer Congratulate
74 @BBCJamesCook James Cook 86 14k Scotland Correspondent BBC News Congratulate
75 @MorayMP Angus Robertson 86 11K MP for Moray Congratulate
76 @markmcdsnp Mark McDonald 86 5K MSP Congratulate
77 @colinmccredie Colin McCredie 86 7K Actor Congratulate
78 @aidanjohnmoffat Aidan Moffat 86 16K Musician Congratulate
79 @alexmassie Alex Massie 86 11K Journalist Congratulate
80 @karendunbar147 Karen Dunbar 86 7K Comedian Congratulate
81 @emelisande Emeli Sandé 86 1,200K Singer Congratulate
82 @chrishoy Chris Hoy 86 600K Cyclist Congratulate
83 @AnnieLennox Annie Lennox 85 151K Singer Congratulate
84 @MichelleMone Michelle Mone 84 707K Businesswoman Congratulate
85 @RuthDavidsonMSP Ruth Davidson 84 9K Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Congratulate
86 @KevinJPringle Kevin Pringle 84 5K SNP Strategic Communications Director Congratulate
87 @RaeComm Derek Rae 84 22K Football Commentator Congratulate
88 @kevmcguiremusic Kevin McGuire 84 4K Singer Congratulate
89 @TogetherDarling Alistair Darling 83 18K MP for Edinburgh SW Congratulate
90 @kdugdalemsp Kezia Dugdale 83 7K MSP Congratulate
91 @LordMcConnell Jack McConnell 83 7K Member of the House of Lords Congratulate
92 @mcgregor_ewan Ewan McGregor 82 699K Actor Congratulate
93 @JohannLamont Johann Lamont 82 9K Leader Scottish Labour Party Congratulate
94 @SusanCalman Susan Calman 82 44K Comedian Congratulate
95 @KirstyWark Kirsty Wark 81 24K Journalist Congratulate
96 @Aiannucci Armando Iannucci 79 400K Writer Congratulate
97 @joswinson Jo Swinson 79 16K MP for East Dunbartonshire Congratulate
98 @iainmartin1 Iain Martin 77 24K Journalist Congratulate
99 @valmcdermid Val McDermid 77 24K Writer and Broadcaster Congratulate
100 @des_clarke Des Clarke 77 16K Comedian and Presenter Congratulate


The key is to understand how other people respond to a tweeter. Your rating is a function of other people’s assessments. This process, a bit like voting, is harder for a single individual to ‘game’. Each person is then assigned a Scotland π-score (SPi-score) from 1 to 100. The Scotland π-score is an influence score in the context of the Scottish Twittersphere.
For this research, we focussed only on whether other people in Scotland were responding to, retweeting or engaging with a tweeter. So having loads of fans in the US doesn’t necessarily help your influence score here.
Our maths also assesses who the people engaging with an influencer are. So a retweet from someone highly influential is worth more than a retweet from an average person. The number of followers does not factor in the weighting.
We crunched around 10bn tweets and looked at more than 220m accounts on Twitter to generate this list.
We did a couple of small pieces of editorialisation:
  • We excluded all corporate and brand accounts, such as newspapers.
  • We excluded parody accounts.
  • We manually added fewer than 50 particularly famous Scottish tweeters not currently living there to the initial community.
  • Tweeters had to be active in the 30 days to Aug 31st. If you weren’t active during this time you were eliminated.

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