Saturday 27 September 2014

List of 43 MPs who voted against ISIS air strikes

 As Mark Reckless has since defected to UKIP does this list contain another possible defector?

The 43 MPs who voted against launching air strikes in Iraq to combat militant group Isis have been revealed.
The list also includes MPs who decided against the motion for military action in Iraq by acting as tellers in the vote.
Among the names is Labour MP Iain McKenzie, who was fired from his role as aide to Shadow Defence Secretary Vernon Coaker for voting against air strikes in Iraq.
Labour MP Rushanara Ali resigned from her role after refusing to take part in the vote.
MPs voted in favour of military action by 542 votes to 43.
Full List
Labour (24)
Diane Abbott
Graham Allen
Anne Begg
Ronnie Campbell
Martin Caton
Katy Clark
Ian Davidson
Paul Flynn
Stephen Hepburn
Kate Hoey
Kelvin Hopkins
Sian James
Mark Lazraowicz
John McDonnell
Iain McKenzie
Austin Mitchell
Grahame Morris
George Mudie
Linda Riordan
Barry Sheerman
Dennis Skinner
Graham Stringer
Mike Wood
Jeremy Corbyn (Teller)
Plus: Rushanara Ali (abstention)
Conservatives (6)
Richard Bacon
John Baron
Gordon Henderson
Adam Holloway
Nigel Mills
Mark Reckless
Lib Dems (1)
Julian Huppert
SDLP (3)
Mark Durkan
Alasdair McDonnell
Margaret Ritchie
Plaid Cymru (2)
Jonathan Edwards
Hywel Williams
Respect (1)
George Galloway
SNP (5 and teller)
Stewart Hosie
Angus Roberton
Mike Weir
Eilidh Whiteford
Angus Brendan McNeill
Mike Wishart (Teller)
Green (1)
Caroline Lucas

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