Monday 15 September 2014


UKIP - John Bickley
Liz McInnes won Labour selection
Iain Gartside will be the Conservative candidate
Green Party candidate Abi Jackson

Labour shortlist was

Miriam O'Reilly (former BBC presenter, shortlisted for Nuneaton)
Byron Taylor (TULO National Officer, longlisted for Stoke Central in 2010 but NEC didn't shortlist him. Lives in Basildon where he's a Cllr)
Liz McInnes (Rossendale Cllr. Works as Clinical Scientist for NHS)
Kailash Chand (GP from Tameside, deputy chair of British Medical Association, current chair of of Healthwatch Tameside. He previously served as chairman of Tameside and Glossop NHS, shortlisted for Stalybridgeand Hyde before 2010 GE)

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