Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poll for #INDYREF Should Scottish voters vote in #GE2015 if Scotland says YES?

Above is the link to the poll and we will keep it open until just before the Independence referendum vote.

But should the Scottish voters have the opportunity to vote in the UK General Election of 2015 if Scotland votes YES for Independence?

It would be interesting to see your thoughts in the comments section.

As the figures bare out, at present Scotland sends 59 MPs to Westminster and thanks to that the 2010 result, resulted in a coalition. Now for some people they would be glad, but the MPs from Scotland did influence the make up of the Westminster parliament, without them we would now have had a Conservative government. Now after 2015 will we have a government which only got across the line thanks to Scottish MPs who will then leave in 2016. Is this fair to the rest of the UK who themselves did not vote in the Scottish Referendum.

Will be interesting to see the result of the poll and the comments.


  1. If they vote yes then the paperwork is going through. They are no longer part of Britain and have their own government anyway. why should they then be allowed to influence elections of ANOTHER COUNTRY? talk about having your cake and eating it. Shall we let the Central African Republic vote in our General election as well? What about Bosnia and Herzegovia? Western Samoa? Once the vote YES and opt out the Scottish people will have decided to play no further part in the fortunes of England, Wales and Northern Ireland by their own choice. As such they are of the same relevance to the other countries I've mentioned with regards to General elections.

  2. And make sure HMRC pulls out of Scotland immediately. I don.t want my Tax details pored over by a foreign country!

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  4. While it seems incongruous that people of a soon-to-be independent country would hypothetically vote in our General Election, it remains that there will be at least 10 months where Scotland continues to be part of the UK, more if the negotiations take longer than Salmond's optimistic timetable. In that time, decisions will have to be made that effect the people of Scotland, not to mention any projects that need Parliamentary oversight that need to be wound down. So yes, there will have to be Scottish MPs up until the point of independence.

    What may have to be agreed in that case however is the limits to the Scottish MPs involvement, but with the strong incline to Labour in Scotland that's unlikely to change, whatever result will seriously disrupt the Parliamentary makeup. If Conservatives win next year outright, then the removal of Scottish MPs can happen immediately come independence, and that will be that. If there is a coalition, or Labour comes into power, we may be looking at another general election.


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