Sunday 21 September 2014

Latest YOUGOV polling, and my impartialityness

Before I begin, I have never said I would be having a fair and balanced approach, never said I would be totally impartial. We are indeed all human and so have an opinion. You can not like politics and not have an opinion. I do however like stats more than I like politics and I think politics do throw up some interesting stats. Especially when linked to human behaviour.

It must be not only interesting to myself but all the people out there, that someone can say I will vote for a particular party and then in the next breath say, I don't like the leader, don't think the party is on my side, I don't think they will do a good job. But still they vote for them!

Why? Surely even the party this happens to would be interested, because if someone can unlock this reason then they could get the to vote for them. So numbers are interesting, and yes it can be reflected in the question asked, or how that question is asked. So No I am not impartial, and you won't see fair and balanced posts on here. But I won't tell you how to vote either. I will just show the stats and let the numbers talk for themselves.

Feel free to comment.

P.s. I know impartialityness is not a word but I also enjoy bastardising words. feel free to comment on that as well.

My twitter feed has stats

This link has the source

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  1. It's impartiality, but that aside you're correct. No-one is impartial and anyone who pretends to be has an agenda they do not wish to reveal.


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